Dreaming flowers

I changed my cover pic on Facebook this morning to a cropped photo of a recent floral painting. A friend, Bathsheba Monk commented on how much she likes my flower binge that I’m on lately. I like it–Flower binge! Bathsheba is a writer of course. Brandishing words about is her talent.
I’m out of the studio on business today which will provide some necessary rest from painting. I’ve been working 15 hour days painting and then dreaming about more paintings. The dreams are detailed and colorful – they are film-like and deeply moving. In the dreams I’m brushing lush color…working patterns and scumbling, dry brushing and layering glazes. This an exciting creative adventure! An abundance of colors and techniques are already in my mind. I can continue to pick from the dream field and paint this ongoing series of vivid fresh blooms.

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