Magickal Day






Always fun to be blessed with a little Magick in my day! Today I acquired a sturdy wood flat file from my friend Maciek Albrecht. His studio, you can see his witty whimsical studio at is in Easton, PA.

The piece is funky and practical and I am super thrilled to have safe storage for my paper. I asked about the key and he said no key. Once we got back to Bethlehem, I started to go through the drawers. In the top drawer – I found a piece of tape – with the key under it!!

All that’s left is to roll it into the Banana Factory and into my studio and fill it with paper and wonderful art!!

2 Replies to “Magickal Day”

  1. Hmmmm the roll ‘er in and fill ‘er up maybe a little easier said than done 😉
    … and yet!
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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