Boston Beans

Forget the beans. Well maybe not the Pasta Fagiola @ Il panino (which was simply scrumptious). Boston’s scene is incredible. The weather is unbelievable–sitting in the park, at the cafe’s in the North End Italian section and relishing every moment. I’m unstoppable, making art, drawing, sketching and having a blast! People love my work–and ask questions, saying things like “so cool”, or “trippy” or “that is amazing”, peer over my shoulder and want a piece. At this point I barely have anything left to sell…and I have given away a few as gifts: one to the incredibly young bar tender who kept slipping away to catch a glance at the drawing and one to a clerk in the art store who flipped over my drawings. I travelled light so I only had a petite sketch book and iPad to work with. shhhh…it still a little secret (i’m in discussions with several galleries.) The possibilities are intriguing and my expectations were high, but this excellent reception was more than I hoped for. I have one more night of celebration with my closest confidantes. Returning home to be open for the October First Friday – Woohoo!  I can’t wait for that since my studio was closed for 2 months due to vacation schedule.  Banana Factory – First Friday – stop in, see what I have going on or chat or wave hello. See you all soon!

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