While I Talked To You

While I Talked To You
While I Talked To You – 7 ” x 10″ Watercolor/Ink on Lana 100% Cotton Paper.

This charming and delicate work is layered richly with color and ink at 3 am during rain showers and a dreamy conversation. Girlie Show June 2nd 6-10 pm at Suddenly Samantha in Easton, PA – this is a little preview of the type of work I am selling at the show.

Section of Hecate’s Lair – Art Quilt

As Earth Day April 22, 2012 approaches, I want to share a poem today. The poem came to me through a Word Wednesday poet from Allentown, PA. I have little to say, because I just prefer to let his words shine through.

Salt by Ismael Street

A mother is the salt of the earth . The salt of society. The light of the world. A natural resource far and above your Comprehension. She preserves, reconciles, and adds Taste to the fruits of life and love we enjoy We inspire to be. Her mirror reflects our soul. Her light lamp brightens our night. Giving rhythm in the dance of the ocean And the sun. Nourishing our minds, our bodies, And the world.

http://www.facebook.com/events/300367116698966/ – there is also an Earth Day celebration at Muhlenberg College today.

Do You Know Your Worth?


Baroque Love Glisters Molten Gold 9″ x 12″ Watercolor/Ink

A friend and poet Ishmael Street performed this piece at http://www.thebrewworks.com/allentown-brewworks/ Ishmael, thank you for sharing your words and intellect with us. The night was an ending to a day I don’t want to relive–but hearing your voice speak those words changed how I see the world. Ishmael – I put this piece up for you in return for your generosity. It is a watercolor I painted called Baroque Love.

UNTITLED by Ishmael Street

Do you know your worth?
Are you an Earthly Queen or
Eternal Goddess?
See a Goddess knows she more worthy than
The sun and moon
She is never subdue
She is worth everything
She is the universe and the stars
Are her children
Love is she and she is the supplier of
Unlimited love
She is never alone
She is exist for eternity
Do you know your worth?
Are you an Earthly Queen or
Eternal Goddess?
A queen know she is royalty, knows she should be
Treated as royalty
She holds this title of queen at birth
Her worth is determined by how she treats others
She knows can’t make everyone happy but
She must rely on others for the longevity in her
She holds power in her own kingdom and she may
Reign over her kingdom for only a short while
Do you know your worth?
Are you an Earthly Queen or
Eternal Goddess?
Maybe Neither
Maybe just a child of God
Needing a label a crown to define your
Worth told by others who looks into a broken
Mirror every morning calling it
Self esteem
So let your light shine
Liberate from your fear
Revolt against your insecurities
Then your presence will liberate others.

Chen Arts Group

Chen Arts Group has a show ‘Walking on the Edge’ at the Antonio Salemme Foundation in Allentown, PA from Jan 22 2011 through Feb 4 2011.

My work is represented there by 2 pieces:

Evil Eye Spell #212, vanadenite crystal assemblage inside the circle of the spell, amethyst for protection, chains of Nazars descend from the riverblue Binding, Magemusic Fanfare, Ariadne’s thought-catchers, anchored in the wisdom of Sulphurous seafoam. 24 X 36 Watercolor and Ink

Invocation III, psychic reverie, charm-unit of crystalline diadems, silver gilt sash binds dissident emotwrols. The ring of beryl green burgeons forth a fresh life, audacious aspects skyward flie, round down back around roseflower thrives to sing her wood thrushes song. 24 X 36 Watercolor and Ink