Chen Arts Group

Chen Arts Group has a show ‘Walking on the Edge’ at the Antonio Salemme Foundation in Allentown, PA from Jan 22 2011 through Feb 4 2011.

My work is represented there by 2 pieces:

Evil Eye Spell #212, vanadenite crystal assemblage inside the circle of the spell, amethyst for protection, chains of Nazars descend from the riverblue Binding, Magemusic Fanfare, Ariadne’s thought-catchers, anchored in the wisdom of Sulphurous seafoam. 24 X 36 Watercolor and Ink

Invocation III, psychic reverie, charm-unit of crystalline diadems, silver gilt sash binds dissident emotwrols. The ring of beryl green burgeons forth a fresh life, audacious aspects skyward flie, round down back around roseflower thrives to sing her wood thrushes song. 24 X 36 Watercolor and Ink

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