fiber and chaos


Thought to self: resolve to stitch 6 hours everyday…when not making art my mind has images and thoughts and tells stories and makes mind movies about what I will create. Then THIS ^^^ happens. Finally, I understand what happens and why my plans may not play through fully and get interrupted by this kind of work. This is about play and experimentation of threads, yarn and color on a solid background–all the stuff that gets me working–and then I utilize to make a finished piece of art. This is only a beginning, not a finished work. But what is really exciting about it….is the reflection of my interior is what gets made in the exterior….this is chaos. My life is in chaos right now and this is what it looks like. This is not a downer, but exciting, giddy, full of color and line, texture, oozing neon and it shows off that my mind has not gathered to a resting place but is under deep stimulation.

And that has to be ok.

I often say the scope of the artist is reflected in their artworks. Right now, my life is in chaos and this is what it looks like. Detail pics below.


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