Love your work?

Stitched Series. High Grasses. 15
Stitched Series. High Grasses. 15″ x 22″ Watercolor and Thread.

Do you really love what you do? I hear people say they love their jobs. I believe that because I am an artist I should not have an art related job. Avoidance of art related work has been my goal throughout my life so far. Its a personal choice of course–many artists take on work as administrators, teachers and other art related jobs that I have no interest in. Recently going through another period of growth I’ve come to realize that I was correct and working in an art related area is not for me. In the past I’ve chosen to have a myriad of jobs that are not art related. I was a grower in a greenhouse–a job I liked a lot–but we didn’t use a lot of pesticides like many greenhouse companies. I have worked in offices–that was the least favorite of my jobs because being inside the sterile buildings isn’t as much to my liking. But the actual work itself was fine. Retail–I had a short stint in retail at a Costco, when they promoted me to work in their vault and staff their EDP. Working at Costco was a great–they have high standards, fairness and equality are important, teamwork is vital, they take employees ideas seriously and pay above standard wages. Beekeeping–a real challenge in this time of colony collapse and serious pests and disease–was one of my favorite types of work. I owned about 60 beehives while I was starting up an organic flower farm. It was all very hard physical work, but the sales were fun and easy and meeting people was a wonderful part of the job.

But being an artist is not my job. The Artist. It is who I am. Not what I do. The paintings and other things I create are part of a universal truth. I know people intrinsically understand it and that is why they are drawn to the work, they crave owning it, staring at it, holding it–as if peering into the soul of the universe.

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