Photographing Artwork

I look forward to this event more than most tasks concerning the business of art. Yesterday morning I was able to spend several hours collaborating with my photographer Ken Ek who makes my art look the best it possibly can. We met about 2 years ago and he started photographing my textile art and watercolors. Every time I complete a series the first thing I do is have Ken come into the studio. First I cannot say enough good things about Ken, his work ethic is exemplary and his skill set is varied, he has a great eye for color and finds creative ways to place the work in its setting to show it to best advantage. He is not just a technical wizard but a creative one too.

The new flower series, Bloemen, was done yesterday with a few pieces of miscellany thrown in for good measure. Working with Ken is such an inspiration that I am starting a new series of prints that will be photographed soon and I am planning on having him work on the older prints from my early years as a printmaker. Documenting art is something I don’t take for granted, its one of the most important tasks associated with my business. If you are fortunate enough to be close to KenEk Photography by all means call him soon and make plans to have your work photographed. But where ever you are find a good photographer and have your art documented.

On another note, I also use several online servers to preserve the photos for future reference. I don’t use hard media anymore, but I do have external storage drives that I can back up to if needed. Stay tuned to see the new work photographed properly and my website updated in blooming color.

2 Replies to “Photographing Artwork”

  1. Great to read this. My problem at the moment is that I am not a great photographer, do not have a great camera, do not really want to spend my time or money on either. I hadn’t even looked at the possibility of hiring a photographer but after reading this I just might. Thank you…

    1. I have gone through many iterations kindlethelight, good cameras, iPhone camera, friends with good intentions, lol! When I made the decision it gave me freedom to create more work, document all my work and most important the confidence that my work is shown in the best light. I hope it works out for you too! best – Alison

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