Postcard Project #1 2014

A Lehigh Valley artist Kristen Barnes started an artists postcard exchange and invited local artists to take part. I was super excited to be invited by Kristen to join the project. My schedule was hectic and I put off working on the project for a few weeks.

Finally opportunity struck. About 2 weeks I got the flu and it hit me rather hard. With the flu keeping me in bed and the severe snow storms that left 2 feet of snow outside the Log and Stone House staying home became necessary. Yesterday I felt a little better and ventured downstairs and found a cardboard box that could be made into postcards. Today I got the strength to gather supplies, cut the box apart and start making cards. I measured a few to fit the USPS postcard dimensions and some are just random sizes. Simply using glue, scissors and gesso I got my base cards started. Then I packed them in between layers of plastic wrap and stacked them up. Found a heavy book and a few stones to weight them overnight. Tomorrow I can get started on the next steps of painting or drawing or collage.

I’m like an addict though: art is curing in my kitchen and I have to wait for the pieces to dry before I can make any additions. I can almost salivate at the thought of working again after the forced flucation. I am resisting running down and breaking into the stack to see if one is dry! The loop keeps running in my mind, I’’m visualizing myself running back upstairs in my chilled bare feet, card and pens clutched in hand, leaping back under the covers and working long into the night…

Lehigh Valley Postcard Project

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