Birdsong : Listen

998349_10151750113577392_824806561_nI found Birdsong Radio several years ago when I was in the midst of a significant life transition. Familiar music has attachment to memory that is so refined it can take us back to the first moments we heard it, who we were with and what we were doing. The changes in my life made my former musical choices obsolete, painful memories were brought to the surface and I could not find comfortable sounds except for silence. Bombarded by music that is ubiquitous now in every store, office or elevator was another discomfort. I lived near a railroad and could hear the trainwhistle at all hours when I could not sleep and felt separated and alone. To this day hearing trains reminds me of those long nights.

Nature abhors a vacuum, wrote Spinoza, and it is a quotation I treasure. I adapted to my new life and found events that would fill the void. Walking the dogs, CoraBella, Rory and Cleopatra in the park every morning was one of the most important events of the day. Walking to the sounds of nature, I realized that this was the music I could listen to and try to achieve the peace I was seeking. The music of the birds, the wind in tall rushes, cicadas, crickets, croaking frogs and nearby whinny of the horses in the fields was the morning walk symphony that I craved at home. My exploration for sounds of nature led me to find Birdsong Radio. I downloaded the mp3 and subscribed immediately and began following the station.

I played the station while I painted, sketched and sewed. The bird calls are a sweet part of the tapestry of my artistic life and much of my work is created while listening to the station. During artists meetings I played it instead of music and people commented on how much they liked it. I have no proof, but it seems that the mellow naturalsounds made the atmosphere calm and our creative ideas flowed with ease.

This week Birdsong Radio released an updated website and phone app, see the links below to participate and support their endeavor. (- shiny new website) (- iPhone app download link)

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