The Wind

Tonight I will be attending East Side Poetry in Allentown, Pa with Yodi and will read The Wind, a poem that I have been working on for a few weeks.

The Wind

A  rhapsody in motion

That ruffles my hair

Swirls me into itself

Lifts my spirit

Ripples my skirt

Flutters my edges

Tears my buttons –plink plink!

But the wind


Away it can blow

And away from all it knows

But it knows not

That when it buffets earth


And is held still without power

It is bound to be little more than an ineffectual breeze

But if it would stay by my fiery edge

And bow to me

On bended knee

Kiss my hand

And flick my palm

The Wind knows well

Its purpose is to raise my flaming star

And we would shine

In fiery flame-light

To make all around us bright

Burning a steady blaze

Warming all the world

And have it submissive

At our feet

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