Darkest of Nights

There is a color that almost imperceptible in the night sky.It is more blue than black, more violet than blue.Clear skies make it have a deep pile carpet-like feel.Hazy nights have a vapor that lingers, celestials steadfastly riding amid the mist.
As easy as it might seem I am not able to easily reproduce this color in paintings, I can get close, but the luminous clarity is always just an edge away. The natural world is bewildering.

AuroraDate 9.1.10

A sliver of light, still twilight, still nightshade with a resonant glow of the sliver of pink light is just across my horizon this diffused morning. A night of half sleeps, Aurora begins on this date. It is too early, it is also too late in some ways. Never really too late, but we regret waiting for good change and feel the too-lateness-of-it-all.
There is work, so much work, always the work, like Larkin’s Toad it can feel heavy and yet I actually thrive when I have a place to direct my mental energy. So let the dawn arrive in my life, I am anxious for it to begin, yet hesitant to have it actually start, I am not ready, I am beyond ready oh let me just enjoy this feeling of standing at the edge–it may pass too soon.